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Who we are

Financial Services Worldwide LLC brings several Business, Financial and Commercial Private Industries together through interconnecting programs. Combining our Experienced and Expert Real Estate Commercial Lending Professionals with flexible Commercial sponsorship Programs and Products that help our clients realize their Project Development dreams.

We offer Private Financing, Commercial sponsorship, Commercial Property, Retail finance, Industrial Finance, Strip Mall, Office Building sponsorship, Shipping and Cruise lines, Lines of Credit, Manufacturing, Commercial Fishing Vessels, International Business finance, Venture Capital Lending, Medical Finance, Real Estate Development, Resorts, Hotel – Lending, Mixed Use, Start-Up Lending, Commercial Renovation Financing, High-rise, Financing, Consultation and Structuring of existing or Refinancing of existing Sponsorship to improve our client’s ability to Fund, Buy, Develop and Build their business both locally and abroad.




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Our core values

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Who we are

Financial Services Worldwide LLC offers Manageable Financial services, diverse lending products for Commercial and Private Ventures including Equity Partners, SBLC -BG and quantifiable knowledge that is flexible, usable and creates value in Commercial Real Estate Matters. Financial Services Worldwide LLC utilizes Private Placement Programs through the U.S. Federal Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) – 540, 505 and 506 filings for Raising Capital to diversify our portfolio just to name a few.

Financial Services Worldwide LLC also associates with other Insurance and Investment Professionals in expanding our client’s ability to receive industry advice and products with Financial Planning, Consultation, Investment Products, Market Investments, Life Insurance, Business, and Protection Products from other producers licensed and regulated in these fields of industry.